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Be double sure about your kid’s safety with these gadgets

With the ever increasing crime rate in the country, no one is safe. Be it the children, youngsters, adults or old aged people, every one needs to be cautious about their safe being. However, parents of small school going kids always have this paranoia about their kids safety, and it is completely justified. Below are some really helpful gadgets that will help you be extra sure about your kid’s when they are outdoors.

  1. Trax:
    Trax GPS Tracker is the most costly GPS monitoring tool in the marketplace.
    The initial version of Trax, a kid-friendly GPS tracker, did a very good job of pinpointing a child’s location.
  2. Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator:
    The small GPS locator can be attached anywhere, clothes, bags, etc. It is water proof, and has no buttons so that it cannot be turned off by mistake. It can keep going for weeks without any charge
  3. Kidfit:
    allows you to track your child, call her or him if you want to, without allowing anyone else to do so or providing Internet access. The Kidfit looks like a toy watch that a child might wear. It’s available in pastels, with buttons that make it look like a Fisher-Price toy. The LCD display just shows the time but there are four buttons – two on either side. On one side, the buttons are labeled ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. On the other side, there’s a power button, and an ‘SOS’ button.

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