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Be Spoilt for Choice with a Range of Pashminas

Pashmina makes for a great fashion accessory and you can always be sure to sport a unique style and flavor since there is a wide range of options to choose from. Your specific choice for a particular day will depend on the mood of the occasion, and it may also be the type of message you intend to convey. A private dinner for two, a family outing, a wedding celebration, an office party, festivitiesor any other event – you will always find a pashmina that is just perfect for that specific occasion. Let’s take a look at some of the popular options available in the pashmina range.

Khudrang (Natural Color) Pashminas

As the name suggests, ‘khudrang’(natural color) pashminas have the natural color of the wool, from which they are made. You may want to have these, if your definition of fashion is based on the essence of subtlety and purity. There are sub-varieties as well in the khudrang (natural color) pashmina range. You can choose plain, single tone pashminas that are great for subtle expressions or go for the embroidered versions that come with a splash of various colors, designs, patterns and hues.

Ivory Pashmina Collection

The Ivory pashmina range is just perfect for formal occasions, especially if you pick the plain, single tone variety. For a formal setting, the best options would include sub-varieties such as pure pashmina white ivory and pure pashmina white stone. Embroidered versions are also available in the Ivory pashmina range and these fit in for a variety of semi-formal and informal occasions. This range also has plenty of options for males in the plain, single tone category.

Black Pashmina Collection

This is for a niche audience because black does not suit everyone. However, there are people who look radiant and resplendent in black, and the black pashmina collection is meant for those select few. Black pashmina with Italian Lace, Sozni Hand Embroidered Black Pashminas, Papier Mache Paisely &Rose Pure Pashmina, Kani Jamawar Black Pashmina, Pure Pashmina Black, and Kalamkari Black Pashminas, are some of the options available in this range. Options for men are also available in the black pashmina collection.

Dual Tone Reversible Pashminas

This range probably offers the best value for money, since what you are getting is basically 2 pashminas for the price of one. This is certainly a smart choice and good for formal occasions. The color combinations are varied and you can be sure to find the one that perfectly suits your specific tastes. If the need of the hour is to make a fast switch, as demanded by hectic lifestyles or the specific occasion, just flip over the dual tone reversible pashmina and a new you is born instantly.

Where to get the widest range of authentic pashminas?

The craze for pashminas is such that now everyone seems to be selling one. However, if you are looking for authentic pashminas and want access to the most comprehensive range, just visit the online store TalkingThreads, where you will certainly find something great for every occasion. Browse through the site for the best pashmina deals available and connect on facebook to keep updated with the latest offerings. For any queries or help with placing your order, you can contact TalkingThreads directly at +91-8882484442.

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