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Beatles in comic books now

The famous comic book novelist Jason Quinn has now authored a graphic novel called The Beatles. From Barbie and the Care Bears to The Beatles! It’s been an incredible journey for Jason Quinn. Now living in Tunbridge Wells and the editor of the hit BBC magazine Doctor Who Adventures, Jason’s working life has been fascinating to say the least.

Images for the new book Beatles, The: All Our Yesterdays (Campfire Graphic Novels) by Jason Quinn and Lalit Kumar Sharma, is out now.

new 4 np newspatrollingTalking about this new venture, Jason said “I grew up reading Marvel comics – I think I learned to read with Spider-Man! Later, my brother Tim was working for Marvel UK – and it’s who you know so he got me in. I thought ‘I’m going to be working on superhero titles!’ But the first title I worked on was Barbie! Then it was the Care Bears. I didn’t get to the superheroes for ages – I was in the nursery and girls’ department!”

He further added “I then worked in TV at Pinewood Studios (as head of creative development for Platinum Films) but I decided I preferred comic books so I went freelance and ended up working in India for two and a half years.” He adds: “I’ve been so lucky. I’ve never had the chance to get bored, and I’m always looking for the next adventure.”

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