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Beer Yoga, the new buzz for fitness freaks

Unknown-8It sounds a bit contradictory to what we have been hearing of, but yes Beer Yoga busts yet another myth. Beer lovers know that consuming beer is a strict no-no if you are on a weight loss regime. But what if we say that now this will help you lose weight. Yes, you read that right. The beer that you had been avoiding for months now, will be your partner in helping you loose kilos.

Germany’s BierYoga (Beer Yoga) dubs itself as “the marriage of two great loves — beer and yoga”.

How to do it: Drink beer from the bottle and twist and turn your body in diverse postures in an hour-long session of yoga. The bliss of tasting beer and the peace of performing asanas may rivet you into its pleasure

Who can do it: Everyone above the legally allowed age limit for consuming alcohol can do this

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