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Tuesday , 26 March 2019
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Behind The Million Dollar AC Company, The Story Of Huy Nguyen Is Truly An Inspiration

When it comes to building a brand from scratch and making a living out of it, it takes a good amount of time, new strategy and an undying enthusiasm to make it possible. People usually quit in the middle due to numerous reasons. However, a few make it possible by overcoming their fears and hardships. In this article, we will give you a glimpse of how the founder of AMS ColdPro made it all possible.  We will tell you how he lost everything when he hit rock bottom, to turning his life around and building a million dollar company from almost nothing.


Huy Nguyen is a Vietnamese American born in Houston Texas, and has worked his way to becoming a solidified and well-known business owner in his community.  He is also the CEO of The Cargo Crew, which is a trucking and freight company.  Huy faced extreme hardships during his teen and mid 20s years. 2010-11 Huy unfortunately caught a legal case with the State that he fought with the courts for years.  Once he was free, the challenges continued as he was unable to get a job due to his background. He ultimately landed himself into a very small job which paid him $8/hr being an installer for an AC company.  Looking up to his bosses, it was during the struggling and recovery years of his life when he cultivated the dream of becoming a business owner someday.


For the first 4 years of Huy’s HVAC career, he was learning quick and getting his certifications.  He was inspired by his boss, because his boss was his age and also Vietnamese.  Huy knew that if his boss could own and run his own company, then one day Huy could do it was well.  Huy spent the first 4 years of his HVAC career learning the ropes, the business, and getting all his certifications.  In 2016, Huy applied to take the State HVAC exam, and was Licensed by the State of Texas after he passed on the first try.  Huy Nguyen founded AMS ColdPro in May of 2016.  Today, the company has generated over a million in revenue it only its second year.


AMS Coldpro was built solely on an idea and a dream.  Just 7 years ago, Huy was 30 years old living at home at his parents with no car and no job.  3 years ago Huy took all the savings he had saved the past 4-6 years (about $20k), and gambled it all on his dream to be a business owner.  Today he has become a very successful entrepreneur and is living his dream as a licensed contractor, business owner, and investor.  He also helps the community by donating to charities and coaches the youth about saving money, building credit, investing, and creating future financial stability.  Huy and his wife Jaquelin Nguyen reside in Houston Texas where they both run their family businesses, helping their community with their services.  Huy Nguyen is a true inspiration and we are looking forward to see what he has in store for the future.

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