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Saturday , 19 January 2019
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Benazir Bhutto murder case: Pak court likely to give verdict today

An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan may deliver its verdict for the murder case of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

A former Prime minister was killed in a gun and bombing attack in Rawalpindi on December 27, 2007 when she came out of a park after addressing an election rally.

Soon the case was registered and the trial went through many ups and downs until it was concluded on Wednesday in Rawalpindi. 

The anti-terrorism court will give its judgment on five militants from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terror group and two senior police officers.

Pervez Musharraf who was the president when Bhutto was killed and who has been accused will be held separately on his return to Pakistan.

The five suspects Rafaqat Hussain, Husnain Gul, Sher Zaman, Aitzaz Shah and Abdul Rashid were soon arrested.

Rawalpindi police chief Saud Aziz and SSP Kurrum Shehzad are also among the accused and both were arrested initially but released on bail in 2011.

Eight different judges heard the case during this period who were changed due to different reasons.

But FIA Chief Prosecutor Mohammad Azhar Chaudhry termed evidence of audio record as cooked up story by Musharraf to mislead the investigators and to save himself.

In his concluding arguments, Chaudhry disowned the evidence and transcript of telephonic conversation


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