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Friday , 26 April 2019
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Benefits of having beer

Beer is considered as something that increases weight, and is not good for our health. But below are some facts collated by team Newspatrolling that will take you through the health benefits of consuming beer:


Reduces risk of heart diseases: All alcohol whether it is beer, wine or liquor, is known to reduce heart desease. Consumption of beer makes blood less sticky, and so it is less likely to clot. Alcohol can also increase good cholesterol and lower the bad as well as lower your blood pressure as well.

Packed with nutrition: You will be surprise but beer has a lot nutrition. 12- ounce of beer has around one gram of fiber. It is also packed with viatmins like pantothenic acid, folate, riboflavin, and vitamine B6 and B12.

Stronger Bones: It contains high level of silicon, which is linked to bone health. Some survey shows old men/women who drinks one or two glass of beer daily had higher bone density.

Reduces risks of cardiovascular disease: The consumption of alcohol is associated with reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact moderate drinkers were 30 to 35 percentage less likely to have had a heart attack than non- drinker.

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