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Friday , 18 January 2019
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Benefits of having desi ghee

Desi ghee has been one of the most loved and favorite ingredient in most Indian households. Ghee/desi ghee is any day a better option as compared to butter. It keeps our muscles and tendons healthy and is good for our overall strength and immunity. Also, since ghee has lower fat content as compared to butter, hence it is easier to digest as well. 

The goodness of desi ghee is varied. Its regular consumption is good for our eyes as well. Desi ghee is a very good source of conjugated linoleic acid and helps stimulate gastric juices that ease the digestion process in our body. Another effective use of ghee is in the healing of a cough and cold as well. This remedy is an ancient technique and has been used by our ancestors since ages. 

When it comes to beauty, ghee is a ‘hero’ here as well. It is a natural form of moisturizer and keeps your skin healthy and radiant. It is beneficial in curing cracked lips, and heels. You may even massage your scalp with ghee at times to give it that extra strength and shine.

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