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Benefits of having flax seeds

Flax seeds are very helpful and must needed component we should regularly have in our diet. It helps in reducing weight, gaining weight and it also helps in balancing our lifestyle. Flax seeds are used in multiple recipes in India. Flax seeds are almost added in foods such as bread, cookies, biscuits and protein bars. These products are sold being marketed as being healthy food with high proteins, etc.

So today we will talk about how to include the flax seeds in a accurate measurements in our daily diet.You can have a laddoo called (Pinnee) in winter season as it keeps you warm and is one of the best source of omega 3 which is very important for your heart, brain, skin and for your hair. If we talk about the benefits of omega 3 it is a never ending list. If you have cholesterol, Omega 3 decreases the bad cholesterol and raises good c cholesterol.

It also contains anti-oxidants and are anti-inflammatory. It controls sugar and it will help you in diabetes 2 stage. You can add flaxseeds in your oat meals, smoothies, banana shake protein, serial as a powder or a seeds as you like.

If you take a spoon of flax seed approx 10 grams you will get 4.4gram fat 3gram fiber protein 2 gram


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