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Bengaluru pubs to reopen as Karnataka govt to renew liquor licences following SC order

Now, pub owners can resume their business and many might just begin serving liquor by next Wednesday. All thanks to the Supreme Court which clarified it’s July 11 judgment. 

The SC has finally given permission for the renewal of liquor licences in the CBD.

Officials in the excise department will start the process of renewing licenses from Monday onwards.

The department had stopped renewing of licenses that expired on July 1 following the apex court’s orders that banned the sale of liquor near highways.

Ajit, proprietor of a popular pub on Church Street said,  “SC clarified it’s order on Wednesday at around 5.30 in the evening and the order was uploaded onto their website. Now excise has also sent a clarification saying that based on the SC order, we can go ahead and renew our licenses.”

He is planning to renew license on Monday and start the work on Wednesday.

Close to 10,060 liquor vends in the state five-star hotels, pubs, bars & restaurants and retails shops closed their business following the expiry of the licences on July 1, 2017.

In Bengaluru city, about 660 vends were shut.

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