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Thursday , 20 June 2019
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Berlin : Thousands show support for a united Europe

Across Germany and other European countries, thousands of people have joined rallies to show their support for the idea of a united Europe. The weekly demonstrations organized by a grassroots group calling itself Pulse of Europe began at the end of 2016 to counter growing nationalist sentiment on the continent and attendant opposition to the European Union.

Berlin’s participants said that they turned out for a wide variety of reasons,but primarily to support the values,culture and openness that have developed in the seven decades since Europe was ripped apart by World War II.

75 years old Christian said that he and his wife have lived in Berlin for around 50 years and witnessed the city’s division when the Berlin Wall wen up during the cold war. As per him the idea of new barrier is a bad dream for future generations. He also said that we know very well that what borders mean and how senseless borders are.

67 years old Klau started his working life in Berlin the in the US,Poland and Netherlands before returning to the German Capital. His experiences were positive and wants others to have the same opportunities too.

29 years old Eva stated the she decided to participate because she was tired of seeing only protests organized by far-right parties and others EU critics.Its important to show that one stands for the values of Europe, and not only let the parties against them take over the public areas.

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