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Best diet to improve the body metabolism

diet for metabolism

One most constant and every important process that keeps on happening in our body throughout our life cycle is metabolism. In short metabolism is the term that can be used to define all the chemical reactions that happens in our body and these chemical reactions are responsible to keep us alive and moving. Defining the term metabolism scientifically, in easy words we can say that, it is a natural and a very complex biochemical process in where our body extracts and uses the calories from the food we eat, combines it with oxygen and produces energy to sustain and carry out various functionalities like blood circulation, breathing, digestion of food, maintain growth and repair of cells and hormonal balances among many.

Metabolism and Diet

In simple words, metabolism provides the body with the fuel to perform all its essential duties. This metabolic rate differs from person to person, depending upon their age, sex, weight and so on. Some of us have higher metabolic rate than other, which means that they burn calories faster than others and there are many that have poor or lower metabolic rates and hence cannot burn the calories that they consume efficiently. This is a major cause of weight gain and obesity. There are certain food that you can add up in your daily diet to enhance the metabolic rate of the body, as having higher metabolism, you will not only lose weight, but also makes you more energetic and feel better.

The foods:

Foods plays a major role in pumping up your metabolism. Here a list of certain foods that you must consider adding to your diet to revv up your metabolism:

  • Green Vegetables:

Fresh yields like broccoli, avocado, asparagus and spinach are enriched with minerals, irons and proteins that provides us with highly efficient energy sources to keep us and our metabolism going.

  • Whole grains and Lentils:

Whole grains requires extra efforts and energy to break down and get digested thereby helping in fat loss and lentils are rich in fibers, carbohydrates and proteins. Fiber helps in digestion and iron improves the flow of oxygen through the body thereby boosting metabolism and energy production.

  • Egg Whites:

High in branched chain amino acids, helps metabolism boosted at all times. They are also rich sources of protein and vitamin D that helps improve metabolism.

  • Food enriched with vitamin D:

Foods like eggs, fish, soya milk, tofu and mushrooms have high contents of vitamin D, and deficiency of the mineral can slow down metabolism considerably. Sunlight is a great and the best source of vitamin D, but we cannot have it enough and hence need to add these foods in our diet.

  • Nuts and Seeds:

Dried fruits are considered as a powerhouse of energy. Pistachios, almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts have numerous health benefits. Rich in proteins, the body needs to burn more fats digest nuts and thus helps improving metabolism. Seeds of sunflower and flaxseeds are also great aids.

  • Milk and Milk Products:

Being a rich source of calcium, milk can help the body, metabolize fat more efficiently. Yoghurt, a milk product is enriched with probiotics, the set of good bacteria that helps in digestion and keeps the body cool. Another example is cottage cheese.

  • Cacao:

It not only makes for a tasty treat, but also is great resource in improving body metabolism. Studies conducted on the subject have revealed that cacao and cacao extracts promoted the activities of the genes that propagates the use of fats for energy.

Physical activities clubbed with eating the right foods is your key to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. So just with a few simple tweaks to your diet, you will start to lose fat, gain some muscle and perform better with these foods that boosts metabolism.

By:  Sheela Seharawat


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