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Greek Food & Beyond, Mediterranean cafe : Best Food Restaurant in Gurgaon

Greek food is delicious, but sadly, we do not find many food houses around serving authentic Greek Food. Even if they do, the menu is a part of a “book” that has a small section secured for 5-8 Greek delicacies. It ends before it starts and thus the taste buds remain longing for authentic Greek food.

If this is the story you could relate to, we have news for you all. And yes, it is indeed a good one. There is a restaurant in town that offers authentic Greek food, and the best part is that the restaurant is just and just for “Greek & Mediterranean food”.

Greek Food & Beyond is a beautiful restaurant at the Golf Course Road, Gurugram. The casual dining restaurant is a blessing for your taste buds as it offers you a chance to indulge in true Greek delicacies. Here is how we rate the restaurant on different aspects:


As soon as you enter the restaurant, you get a feel you have entered picturesque Greece itself. Greece is famous for its perfect architecture in a contrasting blue & white color and so is this restaurant. The sitting arrangement is pristine blue graced with white surroundings. There are windows covered with the paintings of Greek islands, so all you get to see is Greece & Greece all around. A perfect 5 star from us.


The staff greeted us well and now it was time to dig into some Greek Food. Greek food is balanced, with lots of olive oil, grains, fish, wine, and meat. Sadly, most of the restaurants serve Greek food but in Indian style. Greek Food & Beyond is different. The menu has a rich collection of authentic Greek dishes that have taste as scrumptious as their name. Soups, Salads, Mezze and more, the menu have everything you wish to eat in Greece.

We ordered Fasolada (a traditional Greek Soup made using white beans) and we must admit this was a brilliant start to our Greek food venture. Next was the salad Couscous & Grilled Vegetable which was as delectable as its name. The vegetables were perfectly grilled neither too soft, nor hard to give a raw feel. The grainy flavor and lemon dressing made the taste blessings for the soul. Next in the list was Falafel Pita Wrap, Veg Pastitsio & in the main course Prawn Saganaki. Each item tasted pure heaven. We couldn’t have been blessed more to taste so many flavors on our plates.


The staff was courteous enough to serve us well. They asked for our suggestions and also helped us finding our way to the best Greek dishes.

On the whole, the restaurant was what a food lover would die for. On the plus side, the Beyond in the name of the restaurant suggests that there is much more to explore, one can also find some English, French, & Spanish food as well. Though we did not taste these cuisines but the Greek food tells us that they will be equally amazing.

Thanks, Greek Food & Beyond for bringing such delicacies all the way from Greece.

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