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Best weekend hair fall treatment options

hair fall treatment

We are in a hurry, every morning, rushing to reach our offices and this is a usual routine throughout the week. In the meanwhile, we ignore the most important thing that adds to our beauty, our hair. And by the time we realize about the about the highly reduced volume, it is quite late. So, why should you drag the things till a point unmanageable, when you can actually try out a relaxing hair session at your home on weekends? Here are some hair fall treatment tips that work wonders and are as easy as A B C to be done on a lazy Saturday:

  1. The surprising use of onion:

The most effective remedy to cure hair fall is the use of onion juice. This not only puts a full stop to the falling hair, but also activates the hair follicles to generate new hair strands, thus bringing back the lost volume.

  • Grind one or two large onions using a little water
  • Strain the fibers and obtain the juice
  • Add a spoonful of coconut oil and massage with light hands
  • Leave it for 15-20 min for best results

This method cures issues like dandruff or lice that may cause additional hair fall.

  1. The magic of yoghurt:

The mild acidic effects of yoghurt, nutritional content and benefits of good bacteria, all together nourishes and cleans the hair till the roots, strengthens them, and uproots the problem associated with dandruff.

  • Beat yoghurt into a smooth paste
  • Add a little coconut/almond/amla oil
  • Apply from scalp till the tips

This method is absolutely easy, quick and cools your head, letting you relax.

  1. Hot oil massages:

The hair oils of coconut/almond/mustard/olive are rich in Vitamins A, D and E and nutrition the scalp for a healthy hair growth.

  • Warm any oil of your choice or mixture
  • Apply and massage it at the roots with light hands

Massaging hot oil has additional benefits of improving blood circulation and strengthening hair roots. This treatment soothes your body and relaxes you to the core. This is a must try method for weekends.

  1. Proteinaceous benefit of egg whites:

Egg whites are a rich source of albumin. The albumin nourishes the hair and supplements with all the nutrients that ensure a healthy, thick hair growth.

  • Separate the egg white from yolk and beat it
  • Add a little coconut/almond oil or milk to it
  • You may also add curd to it

The aftereffects do not only favor hair growth, but also softens the texture.

  1. A pack of 5 herbs:

Henna, shikakai, reetha, amla and methi are potent herbs that cease the hair fall. The essence of the herbs will refresh you as you rest and cool the mind letting you relax completely.

  • Mix the powder of the herbs mentioned
  • Add water to it and the let the mixture sit for at least half an hour

Apply the mixture and forget the hair problems bothering you. The herbs spread the magic and bring about shine to each and every strand of hair. So, enjoy the weekend to the fullest flaunting your hair wherever you go.

Let you hair problems not worry you anymore. Weekends are all about rejuvenations. Take ample rest and pamper yourself as much as you can because that is the main secret behind happy hairs.

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