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Thursday , 24 January 2019
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BHIM App – you must know about it

To boost the digital payment usage, Modi led government launched BHIM app in last year. As per the data, by now the BHIM App is downloaded by almost 18 million users. The App was launched in December 2016, and during the short time, the app made it big. Now privacy activists have come up with doubt that the app is having serious privacy issues.   

From Hyderabad, Srikanth L who is a software professional told that the BHIM app’s terms and conditions give authority to National Payments Corporation of India to have access to users’ phone calls. National Payments Corporation of India is a non-government entity which is operated by banks in India.

While downloading the app, terms, and condition to download app appears wherein term gives authority to NPCI to take recordings of users’ calls from the telecom operators.

It is said that terms and conditions will be available during App installation only and once it is installed, the user cannot access them again while using the App.


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