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BJP accuses Congress of bringing out 'dossier of disruption' to polarise country

New Delhi, July 19 (IANS) The BJP on Wednesday termed a purported 32-page Congress dossier on cow vigilante lynchings and attacks on Dalits and other issues as a “dossier of disruption” aimed to divide the country on communal lines and disrupt the Parliament session.

The Congress has in turn accused the BJP of circulating “fake” documents to some news channels to discredit the party.

Addressing reporters, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said: “The document reeks of conspiracy because if you look at the priorities, the devil lies in the detail. Their priority is to draw politics out of lynching, mob violence and cow vigilantism.

“The Congress party is today trying to disrupt Parliament. The first 5-6 issues in the Congress document are those which would spread divide in the country in the name of religion and caste. We would like to call this document a dossier of disruption. A conspiracy is being hatched and documents are being prepared in a planned manner.

“This is because of the fact that, though they begin by saying these are key issues to raise in the Parliament, we firmly believe after going trough the whole document that this is not the key, but this is to put a lock and put a brake in the path of development of this country,” said Patra.

“The irony is while Modiji is sweating it out day in and day out to see to it that India moves ahead, we have the Congress party which is conspiring to work against this very development, conspiring not to allow the Parliament to function,” he added.

Patra said: “We believe in democracy, debate, discussions and that issues of importance should be raised on the floor of the House.

“The PM has been extremely critical as far as cow vigilantism is concerned and condemned it thrice, yet the Congress wants to divide the country based on communal polarisation.

“That’s the reason why they do not prioritize national security as the most important issue in Parliament. They do not prioritize national security or aggression by Pakistan,” he added.

Patra said that one of the sub-heads of the document says ‘Mob Violence and Lynchings from Akhlaq to Junaid’. “This is very sad and no individual should lose their life in this manner. PM has condemned promoting criminal elements in the name of Gau Rakshaks.”

“But, they (Congress) want to discuss communal agendas and that’s what is in their priority list. I want to ask where in this 32-page document, if they want to talk about lynching, is the name of Ayub Pandith (DSP who was lynched in a Srinagar mosque).

“According to intelligence reports, Junaid was lynched because of seat-sharing, while beef was drawn in by the opposition. Based on these rumours the opposition wants to gain political mileage and wants to stall Parliament.

He accused the Congress of having “sympathies towards the separatists, like one their leader Mani Shankar Aiyar. They have a selective approach”.

“There is no mention of Pakistan till the 13th page of the document. One of the last priorities of Congress is Pakistan as an aggressor or a terror sponsoring state. Why doesn’t Congress keep that as a first priority?” asked Patra.

Patra said that the document mentions that screening of certains films and documentaries is being blocked by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry. “They want to disrupt proceedings with all these things,” he alleged.

“We all know how in the name of films like ‘Indu Sarkar’ the director, producer and actors of the movie are being targeted and attacked, their programmes being disrupted in many places and how the freedom of expression is under threat,” he added.

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