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BJP Chief Amit Shah To Launch ‘Yatra’ As BJP Eyes Opposition Space In Kerala

BJP chief Amit Shah launching a 15 day march on Tuesday in Kerala against the alleged killing of right wing cadre by CPM activists.

Union HRD minister Prakash Javadekar launched a scathing attack on Pinarayi Vijayan government on Monday.

“Just as Mahatma Gandhi led a democratic movement against the British Raj in the Freedom Movement, the BJP is launching a democratic movement to oppose the bloody and murderous politics of the CPM in the Kerala. In democracy, democratic protest is the way to go,” he said.

Javadekar accused the Kerala government of having unleashed “bloody politics” in which              ” Murder and violence is used as a political tool.”

CPM is named as “Communist party of Maoists as they behave like Naxals.”

“Eighty four people have so far been killed in Kerala in the last 15 years by the CPM regimes whenever they have come to power. The chief minister’s district, Kannur, is a minefield of such political murders because since he has taken over power this time, already 14 political activists have been killed in extremely brutal ways,” he said.

“These criminals are deliberately patronised by the state government. They are let off and given bails on the weakest of alibis. Killing spree is the name of the game,” he added.

“We are protesting in a democratic way. We are launching this yatra to raise awareness among the people against this violence and murder.”

All party functionaries, leaders and ministers such as Smriti Irani , Anant Kumar, Rajavardhan Singh Rathore and Giriraj Singh will be leading the Yatra.

On October 3, Shah lead the Yatra from Payyanus to Pilathara. On October 5, he lead to Mambram to Thalassery . Last day he would lead to Thiruvananthapuram.

“The Yatra would be made by foot as well as vehicles, while public rallies and meetings will be organised all along the route”, said minister.


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