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BJP denies blanket ban on cow slaughter; says different states have different needs

After speculations that BJP may be aiming for a blanket ban on cow slaughter, the party spoke to the media and said that the ongoing crackdown on illegal abattoirs in Uttar Pradesh has nothing to do with cow slaughter in north-eastern states and other regions in the country. Speaking to the media, state BJP Chief Shibun Lyngdoh said, “This is an issue of a specific state, Uttar Pradesh, and is not even remotely connected to the party’s stand on the issue in Meghalaya in particular, or in any tribal-dominated state in the north-east.”

Lyngdoh also said that the ongoing action in Uttar Pradesh was targeted only against illegal slaughterhouses. He said that this should not be taken as first step towards a blanket ban on cow slaughter across the country. Lyngdoh talked about the party’s agenda, saying that their only mission was to bring development and peace for people. He also accused the Congress and other political parties for misleading people and spreading false information about BJP in Meghalaya and other north-eastern states.

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