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BJP member suspended for attending meeting organised for Rohingya’s

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) executive member from Assam Benazir Arfan was suspended by party after she allegedly attended a meeting organised by an NGO in the state for Rohingya Refugees.

“I was suspended from the party because I got an invitation to attend the prayer meeting over the killing of Rohingyas Hindus and Muslims in Myanmar. But the truth is that I didn’t take the part in the meeting organised by an NGO. No showcase notice was given to me, not given the chance to explain,” she told ANI.

Arfan said that she got the suspension letter on messaging service WhatsApp.

“I got a suspension letter through WhatsApp. I want justice and action against state president Ranjeet Das, who is trying to establish Taliban rule in Assam,” she said.

According to reports, the letter reads, “Despite being an active BJP member, you posted in social media seeking support for a programme organised by another organisation in connection with a problem related to Myanmar, without initiating any discussion about it in party platforms.”

Arfan said that she mistakenly wrote ‘a protest fast’ instead of a ‘prayer meeting’ for both Hindus and Muslims Rohingyas, who died while fleeing Myanmar in her Facebook post but later Apologised for that. But the party didn’t listened to her.

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