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BJP MLA Radha Mohan refuses to apologize after shouting at IPS officer Charu Nigam

In what is being seen as an embarrassment to Yogi Government in Uttar Pradesh, BJP MLA from Gorakhpur Radha Mohan Agarwal was seen scolding IPS officer Charu Nigam in full public view. Agarwal told Charu Nigam to shut up and not to cross limits. The incident brought tears to Charu Nigam’s eyes, since it was extremely distressing to experience something like this in full public view, and especially when she was just trying to do her duty. Agarwal’s actions have received widespread criticism, but the MLA has refused to apologize. Agarwal said that he has a responsibility towards his voters and he was just trying to get some liquor shops removed from a residential area. He said that Charu Nigam unnecessarily interfered when he was talking to her senior, the SDM.

Meanwhile, Charu Nigam has come out stronger after the incident, as she has posted on her Facebook page that her tears should not be taken as her weakness. It also appears that she has developed poetic skills after the heated argument with the MLA. Her Facebook post starts with a couplet that reads, “Meri aansuon ko meri kamzori na samajhna. Kathorta se nahi, komalta se ashk jhalak gaye.” She posted another update that read, “Mahila adhikari hoon, tumhara ghurur na dekh payega. Sachchai mein hai zor itna apna rang dikhlayega”.   

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