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BJP MP demands special Parliament session on farmer issues

New Delhi, July 19 (IANS) Claiming that loan waivers was not a permanent solution to problems faced by peasants, BJP’s Lok Sabha member Virendra Singh ‘Mast’ on Wednesday sought a special session of Parliament to discuss various issues concerning Indian farmers.

“The Constituent Assembly drafted the Constitution of India. The same way, we should call a special Kisan Sabha to address the issues of farmers. For a decisive stand on the agrarian crisis and what can be done legally to resolve the crisis, I appeal to this house to convene a special session on the issue,” the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Farmers Cell chief told the Lok Sabha members here.

He got support from Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, who said the suggestion was “good”.

Mahajan said: “It can be convened and we can take some decisions without attacking and counter-attacking anyone.”

Virendra Singh also said that loan waiver is not a permanent solution to problems faced by farmers.

“Karz maafi se kaam banane wala nahi hai. Swaminathan (agricultural scientist M.S. Swaminathan) koi Brahma nahi hai jo unki har baat mani jaye,” the BJP MP said, adding that the government needs to find ways so that farmers do not need loans.

His remarks came in the wake of the Congress demand for writing off farm loans, particularly in states like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra where agrarian unrest has led to loss of lives.

A third-term Lok Sabha member from Uttar Pradesh, whose profession is agriculture, Virendra Singh said family break-ups are one of the reasons causing unrest among the farmers and affecting their incomes.

“Being a farmer, I have found that break-up in the families is one of the reasons for these or such problems. When a family is divided, the land reduces (divides) and due to this the cost of farming increases, which impacts production. The government needs to promote joint families,” he said.

Taking a dig at Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia for speaking on issues of farmers, the BJP leader said this subject was not for him as he belongs to an erstwhile royal family. “This was not your subject,” he said.

This angered Congress leaders, including Scindia, who objected to the remark.

Earlier, a verbal spat was witnessed between Virendra Singh and Congress leaders Scindia and Deepender Singh Hooda over a remark made by the BJP leader.

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