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Thursday , 23 May 2019
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BJP’s Tarun Vijay shocks the country by calling South Indians “black people”; apologizes

Tarun Vijay of the BJP courted controversy when he described South Indians as “black people” and said that we accept them as our own and do not discriminate against them. Vijay expressed his views on the topic of racism and provided the argument that India is full of black people, for example, the South Indians and there is no discrimination against them. Using this analogy, Vijay said that Indian people are not racist. However, Vijay’s comments created a storm on social media, where he was strongly criticized by everyone.

Vijay has now accepted his bad choice of words and has tendered his apology. He said that he was just trying to point out to the diversity of India, where people of different color live in harmony and there is no discrimination based on color in India. He said that his selection of words went wrong, which created the controversy. The apology he posted on Twitter read, “My words perhaps were not enough to convey this. Feel bad; really feel sorry, my apologies to those who feel I said different than what I meant.”

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