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Black Box of Sukhoi-30 jet recovered

The black box of the Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jet that went missing with two pilots on board has been recovered, two days after it went missing. It was found amidst the wreckage from a dense forest in Arunachal Pradesh.

An IAF spokesperson Wing Commander Anupam Banerjee said “A ground search and rescue party has reached the crash site. The black box of the aircraft has been recovered. Further search is in progress.”

The identity of the missing pilots has not been disclosed and the worst is feared since their where about is yet to be found. IAF has ordered for a probe pertaining to the crash.

Initially, the hand of China was suspected as it went missing when flying near the chinese airspace but the latter has denied any knowledge about the fighter jet. These jets were inducted from Russia in the late 90’s with seven crashes so far registered.

The jet had gone missing shortly after taking off from Tezpur Air Force station on Tuesday and he wreckage was spotted from the air. There are 2 squadrons comprising 36 aircrafts that were deployed in Tezpur safeguarding Indo-China border in Arunchal Pradesh.

India has ordered more of these jets from Russia though it is slowly deviating from the Russian dependence by floating the tenders which at present sees the possibilities of getting either Swedish Gripen or Falcon F-16.

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