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Blair wants tougher immigration rules for EU citizens

Mr Blair who earlier did not apply transitional control on migrants from Eastern Eurpoe when he was the Prime Minister, now wants tougher controls on the immigration for the EU citizens. He said referring to the change in the stance that “times were different”.

Mr Blair now supports registering all EU nationals on arrival in the UK, so there can be checks on whether they find a job or a place to study. UK which has opted for Brexit is facing a bleak future since many MNCs are looking to shift their base post the Brexit in order to  save on their costs with few companies already shifting their base to their respective countries. Mr Blair’s Institute for Global Change insists that EU nationals should already have a job offer when they arrive. For those who did not have one would be banned from opening a bank account, renting a home or claiming benefits.

The report also proposes restricting free healthcare for unemployed migrants and letting universities charge EU nationals higher tuition fees than British students. Mr Blair is vocal in opposing Britain leaving thE EU.

“My government in 2004 did not invoke the transitional arrangements when eastern Europe joined the EU. Back then the economy was strong, the workers were needed and actually the biggest annual numbers came post-2011. But the real point is that the times were different; the sentiment was different; and intelligent politics takes account of such change,” Blair said.

The current rule allows EU nation to ask the immigrant to leave the country, if he/he has not found a job within 6 months of arrival or do not have any chance to find one.

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