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Blue Light: What is it and how is it harmful to you?

blue light

What is Blue Light?

Blue light rays have the shortest wavelength and highest energy among the entire color spectrum of light. Although this light proves to be beneficiary during the daylight as they boost up attention and also are environmental friendly, blue light can possess adverse effects on our health which is the potential cause of disruptive sleep at night and cause of most of the diseases. The escalation of the electronic gadgets being equipped with screens that emit blue light is increasing our exposure to some inevitable perilous situations.

What are the harmful effects of being exposed to blue light?

Due to the invention of artificial lighting, we have been able to perform a lot of activities even after the sun goes down. But we probably are paying a huge price to bask in it. Some of the hazards of blue light exposure are listed below:

  • The Pattern of Sleep being affected: The circadian cycle of the people being awake late at night and getting exposed to the rays of blue light has been found to be very disturbed. They are allegedly suppressing the secretion of the melatonin in our body and thereby disturbing the pattern of sleep.
  • An increase in the number of health problems: Most of the people these days are more comfortable being night owls than early birds. The office-goers preferring to the night shifts have been found prone to some serious diseases like –cancer, obesity, heart problems, and diabetes. However, no proof has been established yet to suggesting that exposure to blue light is the main cause behind causing such diseases, but there is evidence proving that blue light does affect our circadian rhythm, thereby affecting our health severely.
  • A severe straining of the eyes: As the blue light among the entire light spectrum has short wavelength resulting in high energy level, therefore the light rays scatter more easily. When the devices equipped with screens emitting such light are used, they result in unfocused visual contributing greatly towards straining of our eyes.

Ways to protect yourself from blue light exposure:

  • Nowadays devices with advanced technologies are being updated with night-light mode; you are suggested to use them while using your devices during the night.
  • Avoid looking at the brightly lit screens at least 2 to 3 hours prior to bedtime.
  • Expose yourself to sunlight during the day time, which will also help in enhancing your mood and your health too.

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