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Blue Whale Challenge: Google, Facebook, WhatsApp asked to remove links

To ensure safety of people on the internet, especially of children, the Indian government has asked social media network to remove the links of ‘Blue whale ‘ suicide game. 

Blue Whale, a dangerous challenge available online, has reportedly led to suicide in children all over the world including India.

In a strong reaction, there has been a growing demand from people all over the country to ban this game from internet.

Meanwhile, the ministry of electronics and IT wrote a letter to all the internet majors, including Microsoft and Yahoo, asking them to take measures against it.

In the letter, the ministry said, “Instances of children committing suicide while Blue Whale Challenge have been reported in India…You are hereby requested to ensure that any such link of this deadly game in its own name or similar game is immediately removed from your platform.”

Even Menaka Gandhi the Minister for Women and Child Development, had written to the Electronics Ministry to ban the Blue whale game.

The letter also mentions that the deadly game is believed to have led to nearly 100 deaths in the US, China and other countries.

The apex body for child rights, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), had also written to the ministry of electronics and information technology thrice on the matter.

The Blue Whale Challenge is believed to assign players various tasks during a 50-day period and ends with the player committing suicide.




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