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Bodo girl saved by the Army medicos

The Army hospital in Assam’s Hattigor has given a new life to a five-year-old Bodo girl suffering from Encephalitis.

The hospital treated the girl free of cost after her parents could treat their daughter due to the financial constraints.

The parents of Seema Boro, the residents of Shantipur village, had lost all hope and accepted the fate of their seriously ill daughter after they had tried their best keeping in view their socio economic limitations. They had taken the child around to a private medical institute in Tezpur and Guwahati Medical College. But, they had to take the child home as they could afford the treatment cost.

Seema’s saddened parents then came to know that about Army’s Red Horn Division’s Field Hospital situated in Hattigor, which renders medical services not just to the Army but also the civil population. The parents saw a ray of hope and came to the Field Hospital with the little Seema who was in a near coma state.

The Boro family couldn’t believe its luck when it met young and energetic lady medical officer on duty, Captain Nikita Srivastava, who immediately diagnosed that the little girl was suffering from infectious Encephalitis. It is a condition where the brain tissues get inflamed or swell up in response to an infection. This increases the intra cranial pressure leading to severe symptoms like headache, nausea, vomiting, high grade fever, lethargy, drowsiness, visual disturbances, respiratory disturbances, decreased or loss of consciousness, stiff neck and seizures which may prove life threatening or debilitating if left untreated.

Capt Nikita Srivastav took it as a challenge to get Seema back to normal and after due discussions and permission of her Commanding Officer, she started her treatment. She also consulted a known Paediatrician in her home town Bareilly to take his advice and based on various lab tests planned a schedule so that the treatment could be smoothly administered. Her treatment continued for about three months during which she started showing remarkable signs of improvement.

Seema, is now leading a normal life. She plays with her friends and is soon about to start going to school.

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