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Boltt – Your ‘Always On’ Personalized Health & Fitness Trainer : While fitness trackers and apps are aplenty in the market, there’s only a few that offer end-to-end, connected health and fitness solutions. One such name that has become widely popular among health & fitness enthusiasts across the globe is Boltt. Did you know that Boltt health & fitness app comes with a dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based voice coach? Yes, it’s there! Boltt’s AI voice coach is just the thing you need to keep track of your progress and to keep you motivated at every step. The AI voice coach is not just some prerecorded stuff, but it is quite similar to a personal trainer that can analyze your training data and come up with real-time inputs and suggestions based on your health and fitness goals. And AI voice coach is just one of the many things that make Boltt a class apart. Boltt offers a lot more stuff to make it easier for you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Boltt offers a one-stop-shop for all your health & fitness needs. It’s recommended that you use Boltt’s entire range of connected health & fitness solutions that include fitness trackers, Boltt App, and connected shoes/stride sensor. Here’s what we found based on our experience of using Boltt’s connected solutions.

Boltt Fitness Trackers: Boltt fitness trackers are designed to track your activity all throughout the day. The Boltt tracker will collect data related to your exercise, calories burned, idle time, flights climbed, etc. It is smart enough to differentiate between various activities such as running, walking, jogging, etc. The Boltt tracker can also track your sleep patterns, which can help you improve your sleep. You can set reminders and alarms and view all your social media and caller alerts with just a tap. The Boltt tracker comes with a powerful battery that can track all your activities throughout the day. Available with detachable straps of various colors, it can also be used as a style accessory.

Boltt Health & Fitness Application: With the Boltt app, you can get detailed information about your daily activity. If you have set goals, you can track your progress to know whether you have achieved your goals or are lagging behind. You can choose from available fitness programs or create your own customized fitness plan. You will be guided by the advanced AI powered voice coach that will provide real-time feedback about your activity levels. You can use the app to lose weight and to ensure nutritious food on your plate. You can also use the Boltt app to track your sleep and get detailed analysis of your sleep cycles.

Connected Shoes / Stride Sensor: Boltt’s connected shoes are embedded with specialized sensors that are designed to track bio-mechanical data. The data recorded by the sensors will tell you if you are running properly. The sensors will record your stride and gait and other data and provide you feedback via the Boltt app. The connected shoes also have other advanced features related to ergonomics, shock absorption, cushioning, ground control, etc. In case you are using any other shoes, you can choose Boltt’s Stride Sensor and attach it to your shoes using a shoe clip.

Boltt’s range of connected solutions will make it easier for you to achieve your health and fitness goals. It will be your training partner, your personal trainer and your critic as well. It will guide and motivate you at every step and inspire and push you to achieve newer milestones.

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