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Bomb explosion hits London underground

Britain has become the target of terror attacks in recent times and people are worrying if its vibrant minority population has something to do with it. In yet another terrorist attack in London, the city’s underground train was hit by a bomb blast. The bomb blast took place on a District Line train leaving the Parsons Green station in Southwest London. The bomb blast caused great panic among passengers, as the general population has already been living in fear due to the various terror attack incidents recorded in Britain and other parts of Europe as well. People could be seen running away from the site of the bomb explosions to save themselves. No deaths have been reported thus far, but many people have been injured in the blast. Injuries also resulted from the jostling that occurred, as passengers ran towards safety.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley of the Metropolitan Police said that the blast has been identified as an improvised explosive device. He said that anyone who can provide any info about the blast or the culprits involved should come forward and help the police. Around 22 people have been hospitalized after the bomb blast. Security has been increased in the area and an alert has been issued. Many passengers described that they saw a wall of fire descending upon them. Experts said that this could be a test run by the terrorists and they may be planning to carry out bigger explosions in the underground rail, commonly known as the Tube. It is one of the busiest and the oldest subway train system in the world.

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