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Bonjour India launches The Experience: A Digital journey with France

Yesterday evening, The Ambassador of France, Mr. Alexandre Ziegler along with Minister of State for External Affairs Mr. MJ Akbar was present for the launch of -The Experience, a digital journey with France along with Dr. Bertrand de Hartingh, Curator General of Bonjour India, Director of the French Institute in India.


The pavilion opened to the public today, at India Gate. The Experience offers audiences an interactive and immersive multimedia experience of 45 minutes. It presents the scale and richness of the past, present and future relations between France and India. Divided into three spaces inspired by the three keywords of Bonjour India – Innovation, Creativity and Partnership, it hosts forty areas of creative and innovative cooperation between the two countries. It showcases the strength of their present and future partnerships, from trade to industry, from technology to arts. 


Created and curated by the French Institute (French Embassy) in India, the project has been co-curated and implemented by the agency SpaceMatters, headed by Amritha Ballal and Suditya Sinha. The structure is an expression of modern urban architecture and the exhibits in the interior are intended to represent an experience using technology at its forefront.

IFI and SpaceMatters pushed to have a completely public exhibition in completely public spaces. The structure boasts of over 10000 sqft of space and 9 mt in height, housing high end digital equipment to tell the story of the Indo-French journey over time. The whole structure has been designed and custom built  to be used not just for this occasion – but in a manner that is so flexible that it can be used in whole or parts – creating a sculptural and most importantly usable public installation  – it combines, technology and new material , with the ingenuity of craft.

At the launch of The Experience, The Ambassador of France, Mr. Alexandre Ziegler said 

“Today, we saw the launch of The Experience which is a very important visual expression for Bonjour India showcasing the long term collaboration between India and France in a modern and innovative format.  The modern structure curated by the French Institute in India in collaboration with an Indian design firm – Space Matters is a strong representation of our efforts to bring forward collaborations reflecting on our past and present to build a strong future.”


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