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Book Review: ‘Aliens in Delhi’By Sami Ahmad Khan

‘Aliens in Delhi’ by renowned writer Sami A. Khan is turning out to be a real delight for Sci-Fi fans in the country. Earlier, sci-fi fans in India had to depend on stuff written by foreign authors to satisfy their curiosity about aliens or extra-terrestrial life forms. And it was not always an entirely fulfilling experience since the locations and people described were often American. Sci-fi fans in India had always wanted to know in detail what it would be like if aliens invaded India. ‘Aliens in Delhi’ has fulfilled every Indian sci-fi fan’s wish to explore the possibility of aliens invading the county and how government agencies and people respond to the threat. Khan has purposefully chosen Delhi as the place where all the action happens, since Delhi is the base for all key political and military decisions in country. It works great for the readers as well, since they can relate to the streets, locations, people and events described in the novel.

‘Aliens in Delhi’ is a sci-fi thriller story about aliens invading Earth. The aliens are using smartphones as weapons to destroy the human species. The smartphones are used by aliens to tamper the genes to destroy humans. The gene tampering turns humans into alien hybrids, due to which, humanity faces the threat of extinction. Now, it’s up to the Indian agencies such as RAW and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to take action against the aliens and save humanity and the planet. The novel explains all happenings in great detail and with insightful technicalities, which is very engrossing for readers. Such insights about aliens and how India was able to repel the alien invasion have never been discussed before. Reading these insights is a true delight for readers. The real reason for Chandrayaan mission and what really happened to Osama Bin Laden are some of the interesting things that have been revealed in the novel.

‘Aliens in Delhi’ is a true page-turner.Once you start reading the novel, it would be difficult for you to put it down. Another great thing about the novel is that the logic and theories described in the novel are quite convincing and don’t look like mumbo-jumbo. The plot is unpredictable all throughout, which is one of the essential requirements for any sci-fi thriller novel. ‘Aliens in Delhi’ also excels in first describing the various dots and then connecting them logically and convincingly to reveal a complex, yet easily understandablepicture of the world we live in.

Just like his first novel, author Sami Ahmad Khan continues to thrill his readers with his pacy writing style, attention to details and a plot that has never been experimented before. Already, there are talks about making a movie based on the novel. If you love sci-fi and aliens and their dealings, Aliens in Delhi will certainly amaze you with its unique and hard-to-deny reasoning and concepts.

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