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Booking and Ticketing beyond movies

It’s 2018 and already the year has witnessed a hike in the online bookings industry. In fact, the non-movie industry witnessed a growth of about 40 to 45 percent as stated by YourStory. It all started in the year 2007 with a startup called BookMyShow in India. People could book tickets online for their favorite movies & events running at the nearest theatre. It is after this year that people realized that they could even book a meal or their flights & hotels online.

This gave a boost to the online tickets industry. It increased the demand for more online bookings like that of events. However, the year 2017 saw a remarkable decrease in online movie bookings as users now wanted movies on demand. Amazon Prime & Netflix took over the bookings market. We as content producers have already started predicting this. That’s how Ticketees was born. It is an online bookings platform started in the year 2014. One can book tickets quickly for curated events, concerts, dramas and coming up would be live streaming shows. It was primarily created for content producers from the theatre industry and during this process towards the films industry, when I mean films means from full length features to shorts to documentaries. In the Marathi movies industry, we realize that most films don’t make it that big at the box office inspite of having a good content. There are several reasons backed by this:

  • There is a lack of budget to get as many cinema screens unless it’s backed by a big studio
  • Lack of budget leads to lack of big promotions. Most of the times, till the date of the release, users are unaware of the movie release.
  • This leads to lack of distribution and leads to barely getting any screens to feature the movie

Since we are equally active in the entertainment and tech space and a films producer, I started realising this problem closely. Along with a group of friends who are also content producers, we decided to create a platform where producers could publish their content for absolutely no cost. Today, we have a strong base in Maharashtra and Goa with a very active and growing user base of 1.60 lakh plus audiences. We are aiming at expanding it to more other Indian states.

Why Ticketees is currently one of the preferred small platforms in Mumbai?

  • While other platforms charge to publish their content, Ticketees as a platform is free for producers to publish their content.
  • If the ticket sale of a particular event exceeds or crosses a certain collection amount we at times share a percentage of our profits with that producer.
  • One of the core reasons why producers most times prefer Ticketees than other ticketing platforms is because of the transparency and simplistic business model.

At Ticketees, we like to go ahead with the trend. We do understand the importance of “Content on Demand” for a user. We are currently toying with the idea of having a virtual ticketing gateway for streaming and online content. We also understand how travel has become an important part of a person’s life. We are also liking the idea of ticketing for destination travels. To add to the impact, we would like to collaborate with content producers like travel bloggers etc., to cover live footages of their tours on our platforms. This could allow the users to get a live experience of those destinations. We are already open for Live events like concerts, etc.

Yes, we do have competition like an Insider, Townscript& more in this space. However, Ticketees started small. Small areas, small team…now that we are looking to expand, we would still like to remain low key and like to aim for big gains. Whoever knew, an idea which was rejected by 60% content producers of the entertainment industry would slowly make its own space in the entertainment industry.

Author’s Profile Below:
Abhijeet SatamActor  and producer, Abhijeet Satam, son of CID Lead actor Shri. Shivaji SatamMrAbhijeet Satam is a software engineer by his education. He is closely working in two fields – entertainment and tech. His startup venture was established in the year 2014. After a lot of thoughts that were put together, he established a ticketing platform along with his friends for live content producers. They started off with building it for themselves but slowly saw it gaining popularity amongst various other producers as they could post their work for absolutely no cost. It is a unique platform where one can booktickets for curated events, concerts, dramas, live stream shows and tours. Today, they have a strong base in Maharashtra and Goa with a very active and growing user base of 1.25 lakh plus audiences. they are aiming at expanding it to more other states in India soon.  

The most important and differentiating factor is:
1. Ticketees as a platform is free for producers to publish their content, whereas other platforms charge a fee to the producers to list their events or shows. 
2. If the ticket sales of a particular event exceeds or crosses a certain collection amount they at times share a perceactor, director, producer and an entrepreneur.ntage of our profits with that producer.
3. One of the core reasons why producers have started prefering Ticketees than other ticketing platforms is because of the simplicity and transparency of our business model.
In the field of entertainment too, he has gained immense popularity for his character as Unmesh in Marathi serial, Shatada Prem Karave.  


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