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Monday , 20 May 2019
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Boris Johnson likely to be the PM of United Kingdom

British PM Teresa May has been sidelined by the Conservative Party after she has suffered a shocking and unexpected defeat in the Snap Polls that took place on 8th of June this year. May, who has got another 3 more years to finish her term as PM believed in Exit Polls and Survey results which predicted her to win comfortably. Banking on those results, May called for a snap poll way ahead of her tenure only to see her party losing on some of the constituencies which has led to the hung parliament in the U.K where both the Labour and Conservative Party has not gained a clear majority. The U.K. Parliament has 650 seats and anything above 325 is considered a majority.

Earlier, May’s Government had 330 seats but now it has been reduced to less than 325 prompting the party to seek support from the other smaller parties to form a coalition government. In the wake of this, at least five ministers from the current cabinet wanted former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson to take over at the leader of the party and also topple Teresa May as PM.

Teresa May has been facing a pressure mounting on her asking her to resign after the defeat.

“A handful of senior people have pledged their loyalty to Boris at Cabinet level,” a Johnson ally said who added further “He has been inundated with messages of support… We need a Brexiteer. Boris is the only option with the liberal values, Brexit credentials and popular appeal.”

Johnson however tweeted “I am backing Theresa May. Let’s get on with the job.”

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