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BrahMos man receives the Rotary award

PhotoThe Rotary Club of Madras presented its lifetime achievement award to a renowned defense technologist and father of “BrahMos” Cruise missile DR A Sivathanu Pillai. The award was given away by Rotary Club president S N Srikanth, while addressing to therotarians and the media, Dr. Sivathanu Pillai stated that “We did not have technological prowess and relied on technology from other countries. When US imposed a ban on importing critical technologies under missile technology control regime, we took it as a challenge and built our own and now we are way ahead of many countries”.

When asked for his views on, if India could develop a hyper-plane? Yes says India’s noted scientist Sivathanu Pillai, who is working on the hyper-plane project, which will use hydrogen based fuel and is 25 times faster than sound, he also added that usually in a high speed aircraft, air friction causes extreme heating of the leading edge, where the temperature could be very high (Mach 5 generates 1,000 degree Celsius), he further added that currently there is no technology that can with stand the heat, he concludes by saying that the Indian Space Research Organization, DRDO and other organizations are working to develop hyper-plane.

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