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Bravo foundation launches help for children suffering from cancer and children who are differently abled

bravo foundationNew Delhi, April 4, 2019: Bravo foundation launched healthcare help for children suffering from cancer and children with disabilities in India. Bravo Foundation is working for the health care of the children across the world in the underdeveloped and developing countries, they are taking pivotal steps in exploring the children healthcare in Cancer patients  and children who are specially abled by providing them prosthetics by undertaking more initiatives across the world mainly in the Asian countries that will further enrich the children in excelling in their education.

After working in Africa, Uzbekistan and Central Asia, they have started to work in India and aims to serve at least 10,000 children in next 3 to 4 years.  They have started their work from two states which are TamilNadu and Bihar. They are launching the help in India at a bigger scale now.

Bravo Foundation which is headquartered in New Delhi which is dedicated to improving human health and quality of life by providing innovative diagnostics, e-health solutions, personalized treatment, high-quality affordable pharmaceuticals, and new generation health products.

Rakesh Pandey, CMD, and chairman of Bravo Foundation. Their mission is to go beyond providing healthcare with an ambition that no child in India should be deprived of Education because of poor healthcare and lack of money for the treatment. In order to do so, the foundation has worked to help many children to get their treatment done for free. 

Bravo foundation organizes health seminar in which they aim to provide quality healthcare to maximum children. They also aim to provide the children who are specially abled by providing them with prosthetics which will help them to lead an independent life. 

Bravo foundation is also working to provide better aid to children who are  cancer patients who are not able to bear the cost of their treatment across the underdeveloped and developing countries 

So far, more than approximately 4000 kids got benefited and a number of children across the world who were suffering from cancer and had some disabilities have been benefitted from this initiative in various health issues such as Cancer and prosthetics.

Over the next five years, this initiative will be scaled to provide good healthcare to more than  10000 children across India.

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