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Winter is coming and so is Cheer, MONQ’s latest holiday-themed blend. With the primary scents of palo santo, frankincense, and sweet myrrh, this delightful seasonal blend combines some of the world’s most luxurious scents to create a feeling of peace and joy. As you breathe in Cheer, allow the relaxing fragrance to transport you to holidays past, memories of chilly evenings spent indoors, and cups of hot cocoa sipped by the fire.  

“Cheer MONQ is a continuation of our Feel Nostalgia line of essential oil diffusers, and we believe that this particular blend will help you feel Nostalgic in a special way. MONQ Laboratories scientifically crafted this blend with the season in mind to bring our customers some Cheer with the scents and flavors reminiscent of the holiday season, giving them another way to feel festive through aromatherapy.” says founder and CEO, Eric Fishman. 

The holidays can often be a time of great joy and fond memories made with family, but there is often a sense of stress that accompanies these joyful experiences. Whether the cooking of big meals or shopping for presents causes unnecessary strife, Cheer can help, as the oils within – namely frankincense, cedarwood, and peppermint – are great for relieving stress. 

In addition to the calm, positive, and nostalgic effects brought on by smelling the scents of Cheer, there are several other benefits to be reaped. Frankincense and myrrh have been highly regarded for their medicinal properties for centuries, as frankincense is known to boost the immune system and myrrh is often seen as a valuable aid for the respiratory system. Both of these oils were greatly prized in ancient times, and when experiencing the calming effects of Cheer, it is easy to see why. 

With the introduction of Cheer, this seasonal flavor takes its place as MONQ’s fourteenth blend, and their second personal diffuser blend to specialize in nostalgia therapy. The famous scents of frankincense and myrrh, combined with classic holiday favorites like peppermint and clove come together in this blend to create a true sense of festive happiness. This limited edition scent is a great addition to any holiday activity. Greet this joyful season with a few breaths of Cheer! 

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