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Brett Ratner sues woman for defamation

Los Angeles, Nov 2 (IANS) Filmmaker Brett Ratner has sued a woman named Melanie Kohler, who claims he raped her in Los Angeles over a decade ago. He says it’s a lie.

Six women, including Kohler and actresses Natasha Henstridge and Oliva Munn, claim Ratner sexually harassed or assaulted them.

Ratner is suing Kohler for defamation, claiming unspecified damages, reports

According to the lawsuit, Kohler claimed in an October 20 Facebook post, “Brett Ratner raped me”.

She even called him “a rapist on at least one night in Hollywood about 12 years ago”.

Kohler said Ratner “preyed on me as a drunk girl (and) forced himself upon me”.

According to Ratner’s lawyer, Kohler said she had met the filmmaker at a club here in either 2004 or 2005, and he took her to producer Robert Evans’s home where Ratner was living at the time. She says he forced her to have sex.

Ratner’s lawyer threatened to sue her if she didn’t take the post down immediately.

She removed the post, but Kohler again started putting the same story out in various ways.

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