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Bride ditches groom after she finds fake friends at her wedding

The incident occurred in China’s Xi’an city during the long weekend on account of Labor Day. The couple had been dating since the last three years and had decided to get married. Everything was set for the grand day and everything seemed normal just like any other wedding. However, the bride got worried when she noticed that the groom’s parents were not present at the venue. As she got anxious, she asked her sister to go ask the groom’s friends about the missing parents-in-law. It was then it became known that all the 200 plus guests present at the venue were fake friends and hired on rent. Some of the ‘hired relatives’ were cab drivers, college students, and just about anyone else who would want to act like a fake relative and get paid for it. All the fake friends were paid 9-11 pounds to act like the groom’s real friends. Plus, it also came with the promise of a wholesome meal at the wedding.

The bride was heartbroken after she discovered the reality and angry as well, as she called the police. The groom confessed to hiring fake friends when police questioned him. He said that his parents were against the marriage since the bride belonged to a different town. It was due to this that he hired fake friends for his wedding using social media platforms. The police are currently investigating the matter to establish the truthfulness of the groom’s statement.

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