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Britain to exit from the European Union on 29th March

Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May will initiate Britain’s exit from European Union on 29th March as per the government’s spokesperson.

It was also added that Prime Minister will give letter initiating Article 50 to President Tusk on 29th March and will give declaration to pronounce the exit.

The exit will start a two-year discussing period during which the EU and Britain will try to decide the terms of Brexit and touch distinct deal on the form of their upcoming association.


The time period can be longer by way of a common vote of all European countries’ administrations. If in case no deal is touched by the end of period then Britain will bang out of EU with no deal and return to World Trade Organisation instructions.

David Davis the Brexit Secretary told that Previous June Britain made historic choice to leave the EU and on 29th March, government will bring on that decision and officially start the procedure by initiating Article 50.


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