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British NRI, friend shot at by cattle smugglers in Gurugram

Two women including British  NRI who tried to free animals packed into a speeding tempo were fired at by a group of cattle smugglers on Gurgaon.

The incident took place around 2.30 am on Tuesday when Sonia Sharma , British national and her friend Archie Baranwal were driving their new SUV and noticed five to six cows in tempo police said.

The tempo had no rear tyres and was running on its rims. 

“We found some boys sitting on its roof. We chased the vehicle to prevent the illegal cattle lifting. The person sitting next to the driver was abusing us,” Sharma told.

Seeing the plight of animals, the women called the police and asked the driver to stop.

They realised trouble and opened fire.

“We immediately called the police citing the torture on animals. We also signalled and asked these chaps to stop. To our horror, they started firing! They fired a shot at us also, fortunately it missed us,” Sharma said, recapping what had happened.

But the two women continued the chase.

The police came around 2.45am to the spot . They managed to get away due to traffic congestion Sharma added.

Gurgaon police PRO said that case has been registered against four to five unidentified cattle smugglers following the complaint and no arrest has been made so far he said.

Sharma said , “I have an impression about living in an independent country where I can go anywhere without any fear. But now, I am disgusted and appalled at what happened and just want to leave this country,” 

She further said that the incident shaken her faith in the country’s administration and legal system.

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