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Budget Saving Tips for your Children’s Party

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More than any occasion, your children’s party should be most memorable. As time go by, you would realize that your kid is growing up pretty fast so every birthday needs a celebration. However, planning for it on a budget would be a challenge. From finding the best catering in Manila, to party favors or to the venue itself, these budget-saving tips will help you instantly.

Finding the best catering in Manila would be difficult if you do not know where to look but it can help you throw the best party for your kid. See all these budget saving tips for your children’s party so you would know how to plan one without breaking the bank.


It is not difficult to keep children entertained and the great thing is you would not need to spend that much so you would not need to hire expensive entertainment. They can do well with traditional party games like musical chairs or charades, or pass the message. These game will work great if you give prizes out equally. You can also consider having mini booths where they can perform activities like cupcake design, mini tattoo parlor with temporary stickers, or face painting.

Go digital

Sending out digital invitations will be a great way to save money for the children’s party. Going paperless for the invitations will be better if you are on a tight budget. Consider sending electronic invites and you can see many websites offering templates for free. Mailing out paper invitations would be a nice touch but they are not really necessary in the digital age where you can RSVP at the click of a button. Plus, there are many other creative alternatives to printing out invitations that way you can keep your guests excited for the big event.

Keep the Menu Simple

A lavish menu would not be welcomed in a children’s party. Settle for simple food that can keep the children energized enough to join in on the celebration. Do not worry about creating an elaborate menu for the birthday party because it is unlikely that their friends will be unimpressed with the items on a basic menu. An outdoor party can work well with hot dogs on a grill or a platter of hamburger for everyone, combined with some of your child’s favorite dishes. Start with a few basic, fun food items that they can munch on and you are all set.

Borrow Instead of Rent

If you are planning a large party, you will need the extra tables and chairs that will fit all of your guests. Instead of renting out these items, you can ask your friends, neighbors, and family members if they have some extras that they can lend you. Do not worry if they do not come in a uniform manner as you have planned because at the end of the day, the functionality is all that matters. You would not even have to tell your guests that you borrowed these equipment as you can cover the tables with colorful and bright tablecloths that can match your theme for a great visual treat.

Key Takeaway

When it all comes down to it, what matters the most is your child’s happiness and how memorable his party is. Do away with having delicious food and his favorite people right there for him which will be all that you will need in a birthday bash. But don’t forget the cake!

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