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Friday , 18 January 2019
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Buxar DM commits suicide due to personal issues

A 2012 batch IAS officer who has been serving in the capacity of District Magistrate in Buxar, Assam has committed suicide. This has sent a shocker across the elite bureaucratic circle. He was speaking normally to his ailing father even few hours prior to taking this decision. He has also believed to have recorded a five minute video which is available with the authorities who are examining it.

IAS officer Mukesh Pandey who hails from Bihar has thought about committing suicide in Bihar itself, according to a video, in which he claims he was not happy with his life as there was some discord between his parents and his wife. Pandey has a humble background where hi better half ails from an affluent family.

The video was purportedly shot by Pandey himself at a circuit house in Buxar.

“I have made this plan that I will tell a lie and go to Delhi to commit suicide. Whoever finds this video, please inform my parents, wife, in-laws and relatives.” he said. “Excess of anything leads a man to take extreme steps. My wife loves me a lot. I am fed up with life as I am a simple man. I have no pressure to commit suicide. I don’t blame anyone for suicide. I am frustrated with life and don’t think that we humans are contributing anything. We knit new webs each day. Earlier, I thought of moving to spiritualism, but I thought that a man should embrace death and finish this ‘E-leela.’ So I am taking this cowardly and escapist step. I have no wish to live” Pandey is seen saying in the video.

It is alleged that the IAS officer has not been given any respect whenever he visited his wife’s place which may also have triggered to take the decision.

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