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Friday , 24 May 2019
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Bye Bye bellies

imagesWant to say Bye bye to those heavy bellies. It’s time to change the routine with which you work out. Simple techniques if implemented properly the results will change exponentially.

Are you doing weights and cardio at different times? It’s time to change. Popular researches states that cardio and weight training should be done together to achieve higher results. As we all know it’s all about seating more and more. Expect better results when you push your body more.

Rome was not built in a day similarly those flat bellies don’t come overnight. Always give your body time, trust your workout. No workout will be a loss until you start doing your exercises wrongly. Set a routine, follow it; analyse your bodies responsiveness to the routine and then pen down your goals against time.

Lunges and squats are a common part of every cardio program. Start doing jumping lunges and jumping squats if you can. It will push your body more and make it more flexible. Jumping pumps in the blood and gets the metabolism going. So it’s time to start jumping and get those muscles pumping.

Intensity is what matters most in a cardio program. It’s time to leave that elephant runs and sprint. Popular results show that sweating on treadmill for longer durations is less productive as compared to sprinting in short intervals for long. Always remember to plan your sprint speed and time. A gradual increase is the best way to keep the body healthy and out of fatigue.

Those who want to shed weight and are running away from weight training, guys you are wrong. Weight training has a much larger role in weight loss as compared to the popular notion. No doubt cardio is important but always remember the more muscle mass you have the more fat you lose. So start pulling those weights.

Cardio is best suited for body in morning. The early morning workout is best for cardio when the food and blood sugar levels are low. So next time wake up early and give that sun a sight to behold with your intense workout.

Many of us underestimate postures and carry on the way we feel comfortable. Correct posture will always remain correct, always check your posture and try correcting it with proper consultation. Improper postures might lead you out of shape rather than getting you in shape.

Guy’s small things make big difference. Next time you go out and sweat remember these small points.


Author: Manu Arora

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