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Calcutta High Court Justice Karnan orders bar on travelling of Chief Justice

CS Karnan of Calcutta High Court has ordered the Air Control Authority to ban Chief Justice of India and other six Supreme Court judges who had delivered hatred order against Justice CS Karnan. The ban is to have remained until the case gets over.

Today the above-mentioned accusers were absent and are scheduled to appear on 1st May.  Now court directed to the Air Control Authority not to allow all said judges to go to overseas until the removal of this vital subject.

Yesterday Justice Karnan said that as the nature of the crime is status discernment and it is monstrous and also actual cruel Terrible Act of crime. The crime is illegal according to the Indian Structure.

He also said that in case judges are allowed to travel overseas then there is a likelihood of the worm of status discernment ranging.

In February month Justice Karnan also has delayed the hearing of his case against the Apex Court judges. All seven judges of Supreme Court issued suo motu contempt order against him and he was named among 20 immoral judges.


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