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Tuesday , 16 July 2019
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Caliente – 100% organic super drink – spiked with Chili

The TRINITY effect :

  1. Caliente has chili, which releases endorphins in the body, makes you happy or creates feeling of happiness just like alcohol, but unlike alcohol does nothing but good to the body and for the first time something else than sugar drives a non alcoholic drink.
  2. The flavors are mix of fruits and herbs. Not too sweet… fresh fruit flavor hits the taste buds first and the delicate herb flavor is the aftertaste, which perfectly  pairs with the food made with similar herb.  Voila ! so for example in one of the flavours we use Bluberry and Lemongrass, so blueberry is the first taste you feel on the tongue and at the after taste is that of Lemongrass. Now with lemongrass taste in the mouth pairs with the food which has lemongrass in it like, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. Similarly other flavour is lime ginger so the after taste if ginger in the mouth pairs with Indian, Chinese, Sushi etc.

PS : And you thought only wines pair with food..!!

  1. Want to go long in the night drinking, serve Caliente on rocks. Ice mellows down the chili , the fruit and the herb and you get  exquisite subtle flavors on palette /tongue …for all night long binge… !! plus the “happy feeling” ,Say good bye to sodas. 

Who says you only have alcohol as option for all night drinking and party drinking. !!!!

This is the drink in between alcohol and the regular sugary sodas in the market. It relaxes you, enjoy it at a party, after party, dinner, Spa, on the go, office, poolside, beach, whether 10 in the morning or 10 in the night. The drink is just all place friendly or like we say “Place and Time Proof”. It is 100% organic and from Sweden with best quality ingredients.

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