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Case filed against BJP MLA on Gauri Lankesh issue statement

BJP MLA D N Jeevaraj who said yesterday that the slain journalist Gauri Lankesh was targeted because she wrote about the right wing sending shock waves across BJP and the nation seems to be in more trouble since a group of Congress workers in Sringeri have filed a police complaint against him.

“She may have written some things against us in her paper. That is democracy, that is a different matter. But who will pay the cost of her life?. If she had refrained from writing articles like that she would have probably been alive today,” he said.

Jeevaraj also hit out at the language that Gauri that she had used in her writing, titling her article Chaddigala Maaranahoma (Death of the RSS). 

The MLA retracted after his statement created an uproar mentioning that his words were misunderstood.

Earlier, reacting to the comment, the CM Siddaramaiah said, “What does it mean? Does it not indicate that they are behind it?”

Meanwhile, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah, along with Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy, held a meeting with the special investigation team investigating the murder to assess progress. 

More updates will follow when it is available. BJP has not commented on this issue since they were being accused by the opposition saying that Ms Lankesh was killed since she targeted RSS.

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