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Monday , 17 December 2018
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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

car suv

Advanced driver assistance systems, also known as ADAS, are systems which aid the driver when they are driving. Car safety as well as road safety are enhanced when an ADAS is designed with a safe human-machine interface. Advanced driver assistance systems were created as to err is to be human. Better driving and increased safety is made possible as these ... Read More »

Panigale V4 R Ducati’s most powerful production motorcycle launches here in India

bike ducati

Ducati India launched Panigale V4 R at INR 51,87,000 (ex-showroom India) Bookings are currently open across all Ducati dealerships 21st Nov 2018, New Delhi: Luxury motorcycle brand Ducati, today announced the launch of Panigale V4 R in India at an introductory price of INR 51,87,000 (ex-showroom India). Embodied with the maximum expression of Ducati values, racing-inspired livery and Ducati’s racing DNA, ... Read More »

How to assemble a polishing workshop for cars

Car Detailing

Right here in my city there are several shops and workshops that work in the polishing area for cars and frequently all of them are full of a person, which makes it very much in demand. Therefore, if you are interested in setting up a polishing workshop for cars and you believe that this business model is adapted to your ... Read More »

The new ŠKODA KODIAQ LAURIN & KLEMENT: distinctive, emotional, and timeless

kodiaq l k skoda

›       KODIAQ LAURIN & KLEMENT will be available at an introductory ex-showroom price of INR 35.99 lacs ›       360° Surround Area View, with four wide-angle cameras, displays immediate area surrounding the car ›       Virtual Cockpit, a customizable digital instrument panel, presents vital driving data and navigation ›       ‘Simply Clever’ Touches: Hands-Free Parking, Door-Edge Protection, Power Nap Package, Virtual Pedal and Digital Voice Enhancement ›       KODIAQ LAURIN & KLEMENT ... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Car Stereo?

car stereo

If you are not satisfied with your current car stereo and would like an upgrade, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Naturally, some options cost more than others and you might easily get carried away and spend much more than necessary. That’s why it’s important you know exactly what kind of car stereo you need and can afford. Here’s a list ... Read More »

Maintaining Ceramic Car Coating – The Best Tips

Maintaining Ceramic Car Coating

Keeping your car’s paint pristine is always challenging. People used to get the wax solution applied quite frequently in their vehicle just to maintain its novelty. But now, with the change in time and technology, there are better and lighter options available which help your car remain brand new and well-maintained. Ceramic car coating is one such solution that is ... Read More »

Cars’ Life Expectancy


A few years back, cars were not technologically advanced and suffered from random, undetectable faults. Their life was shorter in terms of mileage or time. It was noticed that on average, a car of model 1995 started losing its worth after only eight years. Cars these days have improved technology with a greater comfort and requires less maintenance.Older cars are ... Read More »

10 simple tips for vehicle maintenance

car cleaning

With our ten tips to take care of your vehicle, you will save money while protecting the environment. A car needs a thorough cleaning once or twice a year. Automobile enthusiasts pay close attention to their car; other drivers sometimes neglect this interview. However, if you do well, it takes little effort, little money, and it is not necessarily necessary ... Read More »

How to remove bad smells from a car?

car washing

The best way to get rid of a bad smell among those mentioned above is to regularly clean his car. Do not hesitate to consult our advice for the advice to clean your vehicle. There are also some tips to finish quickly and simply with foul odors: Baking soda: This is a very effective and completely natural tip to fight ... Read More »

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR CAR| Interior and Exterior Cleaning Tips

car cleaning

Exterior cleaning Wash your car regularly For an impeccable maintenance of the bodywork of your vehicle it is essential to wash it regularly. The bodywork is permanently exposed to pollution, bird droppings, tree sap, etc … Washing your car prevents these aggressive substances from having time to become embedded and damaging the paint. How to wash your car efficiently First ... Read More »

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