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5 benefits of getting comprehensive auto insurance

burning car

Comprehensive auto insurance is an effective coverage that solves the small problems we face, however, these small problems can be very tedious at times. Never the less, the popularity of standard comprehensive coverage is immense in the insurance world and is not easier to get all the time.  Comprehensive car insurance in Pakistan pays to repair only a few, very ... Read More »

Road trips for discovering delicacies during Ramdaan this year

road trip

Ramadan the month of both fasting and feasting is here! We have prepared a list to fill our tummies with yummies this ramdaan. In the evening when our Muslim buddies have offered their prayers, the markets opens and you find all sorts of stalls, shops, restaurants opening their doors for people to tantalize their taste buds. The food on offer ... Read More »

How Virtual Reality Is Changing the Automobile Industry for the Better

virtual reality

Virtual Reality in the Automobile Industry  The automotive market is adopting the real game changer that is virtual reality. VR is giving a meaning to showcase models conveniently in a way the customer wants like in shopping centres, boutique shop, in customer living room, or at work. There is an infinite number of configurations option with no constraints and the ... Read More »

Altigreen – Company Profile

Altigreen Propulsion Labs is a leading Indian startup focused on reducing vehicular fuel consumption and environmental pollution. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Bengaluru, Altigreen develops specialized automotive equipment known as powertrains. The powertrains can be installed inside the present day fossil-fuel based three-wheelers, cars, commercial vehicles and farm equipment. The company has also developed a system called HyPixi and ... Read More »

Get More from Life with These Car Loans

car loan newspatrolling

Car loans have made it easier for people to zoom around in their favourite cars. People no longer have to wait for years to save money to buy theirfavourite car. If you are eligible for a car loan, you can buy your dream car within a week. You can buy any car you want as car loans are available for ... Read More »

What’s Driving These Autonomous Vehicles?

Autonomous Vehicles newspatrolling

When automobiles first entered the scene in the early 20th century, they were referred to as ‘horseless carriages’. Now, more than a hundred years later, another significant revolution is taking place with the launch of autonomous vehicles. First, it was the horses, and now it’s time for humans to be replaced with autonomous vehicles that are powered by self-driven/driverless technology. ... Read More »

How Amaron Battery Has Contributed To My Life’s Best Memories

amaron battery newspatrolling india car

Life’s experiences can be good or bad depending on the choices you make. Of course, there are exceptional cases that are pure luck, but overall your choices determine the type of experiences you have in life. For me, the definition of good choices is all about choosing things that are of high quality, sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting. I can give ... Read More »

Does a timing belt need to be replaced?

timing belt automobile newspatrolling

The timing belt is an essential automotive component needed for the smooth operation of the engine. Every automotive come equipped with two shafts, namely, the crankshaft and the camshaft. It is the timing belt specification that connects both the shafts and helps them to turn together at a right time. This results in all other spare parts like valves and ... Read More »

Why Van Rental is a Wise Decision

van rental newspatrolling

When it comes to moving cargo, crew or passengers, van rental proves to be really handy. A van offers superior comfort& safety, high-end entertainment options, and plenty of space. Van rentals are easily available at all major locations and it’s the preferred choice for production use, corporate events, vacations, weddings, parties, proms, etc. Here are some key reasons, as to why ... Read More »

Cars to get safer from July 2019

In a major change to car safety rules and regulations, the government has approved various new safety measures such as airbags, reverse parking alerts, speed warning systems, seat-belt reminders, etc. All cars produced after July 1, 2019 will be mandatorily required to have these features. The introduction of these mandatory safety features has been finalized and it will soon be ... Read More »

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