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Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Know all about Construction all risk insurance policy

construction-all-risk-insurance-policy-2_white-updated newspatrolling

The construction site is vulnerable to various perils like fire, earthquake, war, etc. Many times, even safety precautions fail to prevent these accidents. To curtail the impact of accidents, it is essential to buy construction all risk insurance policy to cover risks which may arise at a construction site. Here is what you should know before buying the policy. Read More »

How TransferWise is Revolutionizing International Money Transfers

International money transfer has been the exclusive domain of banks, but UK-based startup TransferWise is fast changing that status quo. The folks at TransferWise say that their startup was born out of frustration, largely precipitated by the inordinate amounts that banks used to charge for sending money abroad. Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus, the founders of TransferWise, felt that there ... Read More »

A Budget Analyst can manage organization’s budget smartly

It is important for any organization to have a budget analyst to keep their finances on track.  They play a vital role for an organisation in reaching the financial goals, maintaining profitability and achieving long term growth. Availability and demand for a budget analyst is vast and for any industry, large or small, can set up their platform in government agencies, ... Read More »

Maximize Stock Investment Returns with Upstox Pro

Upstox Pro Stock Trading App finance app newspatrolling

I have been into stock trading for several years now and based on my experience, I can say that this space has transformed dramatically over the years. I have been witness to new rules & regulations, an ever increasing number of investors, IPOs, scams, stock market crashes and newer milestones such as the BSE Sensex crossing 36K for the first ... Read More »

Say Hi to Liquid Funds and Bye to Bank Savings Account

why mutual fund is best option newspatrolling finance blog

The bank saving account offers liquidity along with a reasonable rate of interest to accountholders. As a result, many people park their money as much as they can in their bank savings account; which they use to meet their regular household expenses and deal with financial emergencies. However, wouldn’t it be good to have an investment option that not only ... Read More »

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

citizenship in Cyprus newspatrolling

Real estate investments: a straight forward way to obtain citizenship in Cyprus Cyprus is an attractive place to live and work for several reasons. Strategic geographical location, satisfying Mediterranean lifestyle, flourishing economy, simple processes of purchasing property with ownership rights are the few reasons motivating foreign buyers to buy Cypriot property. Though these benefits are tempting enough to excite potential ... Read More »

Auto industry will drive Japan’s near-term economic growth, DHL trade data suggests

DHL Global Trade Barometer predicts moderate trade growth for Japan, largely due to contributions from automakers and heavy industry Both air and ocean freight growth remain relatively stable, signaling ongoing positivity for businesses in Japan TOKYO, JAPAN – 24 January 2018 – The strength of the automotive industry will play a major role in Japan’s continued trade growth, say the findings of the ... Read More »

How Smart Tax Planning Can Help You Save Tons of Money

tax planning save money newspatrolling best finance blog online

Tax is a cause of concern for most people and taxation related worries peak just ahead of the tax season. For some, taxation comes across as a complicated process whereas for others, it’s something they don’t have time for. There are also people who find it tough to part with their hard-earned money. All these factors lead to worries and ... Read More »

5 excuses people make for not buying a travel insurance plan

excuses people make in insurance newspatroling best finance blog

Everyone wants to travel the world and Travelling has become a very important part of our lives in nowadays. Whether it is for leisure time or business work, people have become mobile than ever before. With such a remarkable increase in number of travellers, there has also been an increase in travel related risks like loss of baggage on the ... Read More »

Job of A Chartered Accountant

job of ca newspatrolling

Job of a Chartered accountants are not only to offer financial advice, audit accounts and provide trustworthy information about financial records but in todays scenario, the role of  CAs are increasing in  India and other nations. There are many areas where CA plays a versatile role. They are planners, thinkers, innovators at both macro and micro level of Indian economy. ... Read More »

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