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Thursday , 21 June 2018
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Using Google Images to Boost E-commerce Sales

ecommerce sales tips

When it comes to increasing website traffic and boosting sales, the focus is usually on getting listed in the first page of search engine results. Digital marketing campaigns utilize SEO strategies to achieve this objective, which have delivered good results in the past. However, there’s plenty of competition in getting to the first page of popular search engines such as ... Read More »

Fixed Deposits Are a Must fora Balanced Investment Portfolio

fixed deposit

Fixed Deposits (FD) are considered as one of the safest investment options since the returns are guaranteed. This is why most people prefer to invest in fixed deposit. FDs also help to balance the investment portfolio, which may comprise a mix of varied investment avenues such as equity, mutual funds, gold, real estate, PPF, etc. Another great thing about fixed ... Read More »

Balaji Telefilms – Company Profile

Balaji Telefilms Ltd. is a leading content production house for television, cinema and other entertainment platforms. It is one of the largest such company in India, Asia and the Middle East. The company delivers a wide variety of content in Hindi as well as in regional languages such as Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc. Most of the popular television ... Read More »

Why Negative Reviews Are Important For Your Business

negative reviews

There are many factors that influence a customer’s purchase decision and one of the most important is user reviews. Studies have revealed that products with good user reviews are usually preferred by customers. Getting positive reviews is an important objective of digital marketing campaigns that are launched on popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. ... Read More »

How to Achieve Your Goal of Retiring Early

retired early

At some point in time in our lives, we all come to a stage when we would like to give up our regular “9 to 5” jobs and retire. This could be because you are starting a business, want to spend more time with family, catching up with an old hobby, or just travelling to the famous parts of the ... Read More »

How do businesses use Bulk SMS marketing?

bulk sms marketing

We are living in a highly competitive world where most of our purchase decisions are influenced by the information we get. In an effort to provide useful information about a brand’s product and services, it’s necessary that a frequent and strong communication mode is developed. Depending on the yardstick of staying connected with your current consumers, and to win additional ... Read More »

No More Losing Your Hard Earned Money and Expensive Mobile Anymore


Arista-Vault Introducing world’s first Wallet-Bot, powered with Beacon technology New Delhi, 11 June 2018:  ARISTA VAULT is set to revolutionize a new era for safe, secure & Power packed world. We all have sometimes at certain points experienced losing our wallet or mobile at public places and also we’ve experienced pain of dead battery in very important times as well. ... Read More »

Kotak Securities Free Intraday Trading (FIT) Is a Godsend for Self-Trading Customers

kotak securities free intraday

The Indian stock markets have a sizeable number of active traders/investors and almost one-third of these are self-trading customers. The enthusiasm and risk-taking appetite of self-trading customers are worth mentioning, as these enterprising individuals have continued to dabble in stocks even after the worst of stock market crashes. The only major problem faced by self-trading customers is the high brokerage ... Read More »

Pioneering Change for Business Owners

business news

Back in 2016, Mark Zuckerberg observed that Entrepreneurship is about creating change and not creating companies. Business imperatives are in constant flux and change is what differentiates you from the rest. Organizational systems and processes need to be overhauled and refreshed periodically because change is not encoded in the DNA of the organization. Change can only be implemented in an ... Read More »

A Guide to Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

digital marketers newspatrolling

Social media has become popular for interaction among group or individuals in the recent time. Abundant small business uses social media to frequently push their sales pitch right into the faces of their customer. If you are not currently using social media to market your business, then now it is the best time to start it. Social media allows everyone ... Read More »

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