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Friday , 20 April 2018
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How to strategize for digital marketing in 2018?

digital marketers newspatrolling

Every year brings with it new headaches for the business owners. Getting heaps of online sales is not so easy now. No, we are not even pondering over the competition in your business niche. The point we are focusing on is the changing preferences of consumers. The last year gifted the digital marketers with a new statistic: more than 54% ... Read More »

The Next 5 Steps to Take after You’ve Been Denied a Small Business Loan

small business ways to get loan

As a business owner, being denied a business loan can be discouraging. A loan denial can put your present and future business goals off track. However, the good news is that you can use this denial as a learning curve to know where you have gone wrong and rectify your mistakes in your next application. Here are the five things ... Read More »

End of the road for cryptocurrency in India?

cryptocurrency end now

The Reserve Bank of India in a missive declared cryptocurrency as illegal and directed all regulated agencies not to deal with individuals or businesses that trade in them. The directive largely came in the wake of the crypto craze and the concerns regarding their speculative value, impact on market integrity and capital controls so much so that a couple of ... Read More »

Which Digital Marketing Platform Is Best For Your Business

small business ways to get loan

When it comes to large businesses, digital marketing does not pose any significantchallenges to them, as they are readily able to deploy the financial muscle and top talent to get the job done. However, the scenario changes in case of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as they may not have adequate resources to unlock the full potential of digital marketing. ... Read More »

Financial Planning Is Key to Happiness and Prosperity

financial planning newspatrolling

Money is a limited resource, which is why financial planning is of utmost importance. The sum total of our needs and desires is always greater than the money we earn, which is why we have to choose wisely and set our priorities accordingly. Financial planning is not only about reducing your expenses and increasing your savings, but it’s also about ... Read More »

How to Succeed At Facebook Marketing

Facebook-Marketing-Tips-for-Advertising newspatrolling

Facebook is one of the most important digital marketing tools, as it is versatile, affordable and globally relevant. Anyone looking to promote their brand, product or service can utilize Facebook to get optimal results. For most brands, Facebook is an important part of their digital marketing initiatives, as it provides access to millions of users across the globe. However, not ... Read More »

Why Influencer Marketing should be an important part of Digital Marketing Plans?

As time has passed, it is not only the Internet surfers who have gone impatient; it is also the business owners! While digital marketing plans, even a few years ago, comprised of the best SEO practices and were sprinkled with some smart social media strategies, today their dynamics have massively changed. Present day digital marketers are after immediacy and they ... Read More »

How to Create Winning Content MarketingStrategies

content marketing strategy india

Content marketing has become an intrinsic part of digital marketing, as it has helped businesses in customer acquisition, brand building & awareness, and improved interactions with existing customers and other stakeholders.  However, at the other end of the spectrum, we also see businesses that have either remained clueless about their content marketing strategy or have been unable to create the ... Read More »

Amway Launches Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range

Amway_Nutrilite_Traditional_Herbs_Range np

A global leader in direct selling and with presence in more than 100 countries, Amway Corporation is the preferred choice for millions of consumers. Amway’s Indian subsidiary, Amway India, is the No 1 direct selling company in the country. Amway India already offers a wide choice to its customers with more than 130 high-quality products. And now, it has launched ... Read More »

Finding the Perfect Forex Firm to Launch Your Forex Trading Career

Perfect Forex Firm to Launch Your Forex Trading Career newspatrolling

Starting a career as a forex trader can be challenging at first, but it pays off in the end. It’s true that a career as a forex trader can be highly lucrative as long as you set yourself up for success. This involves researching how to trade successfully, deciding on the currency pairs you want to trade, finding the right ... Read More »

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