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Top Mobile Payment Security Risks and How to Avoid Them

Mobile payment has acquired popularity in many places around the world. As a result, mobile payment methods are swiftly taking the place of other outdated payment options. Although mobile payment has become trendier among mobile users, it also faces some threats and security challenges. This article aims at identifying top security risks for mobile payment methods and five practical ways ... Read More »

Must Have Camera Accessories For Beginners

Canon C200 Camera

Photography can be an exciting hobby, as you have the opportunity to capture astounding moments that not many have seen or experienced before. Moreover, you are unlikely to get bored, as there’s something new to explore and shoot every time you pick up your camera. So, how are your snaps coming along? Are they really good or just run-of-the-mill? If ... Read More »

7 Secrets of Choosing Health Insurance for Coronavirus


When the world is engulfed with the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), buying a health insurance plan for the novel disease is a wise step. Thanks to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), which has directed insurance companies to expedite coronavirus related claim settlement in the case of hospitalization. And many insurance companies have started providing health insurance plans ... Read More »

Handling A Financial Crisis In Your Business

An unexpected financial crisis may occur and affect an individual of any social status at any time. This may occur due to several unanticipated events such as sudden illness or death, failure of a large investment, loss of a job and so on. A sudden increase in labor turnover or a failure in a new segment of development could lead ... Read More »

Learn Fermentation while you stay at home!

online class learning teaching

2.7 billion have been called to stay home throughout the world including 130 crore Indians due to the spread of the pandemic: Coronavirus.  It’s THE time to test a technique that has lately regained its popularity, mainly driven by anti-waste trends and healthy cooking: fermentation! It is the oldest method of food preservation. The entire family can be involved in ... Read More »

Is South Florida vulnerable to Earthquakes?

The destructive damages lined up due to the consecutive earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.4 quake has severely impacted Puerto Rico. And people cannot help but panic and get curious about these earthquakes affecting Florida as well. The concern and anxiety are entirely justifiable because we aren’t unaware of the hurricane season that affects Puerto Rico. What happens there could ... Read More »

8 Tips for First-time Home Buyers

Purchasing a home is a daunting task, especially for first-time buyers. The real- estate world can be confusing for people to choose a starting point when they are ready for research. Sometimes, you end up following house buying trends that result in taking on the responsibility of a home loan till your retirement. Here are some tips for first-time homebuyers ... Read More »

Points To Remember on Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

Our aged parents often rely on their saved income from their work over the years so as to maintain good health. However, with age comes frailty and illness, especially in today’s times where the quality is comprised in everything we eat and in the very air we breathe. For the senior citizens, hence, keeping illness at bay becomes almost unavoidable. ... Read More »

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