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Top 5 digital platforms making learning interesting and fun

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With advancement in technology, now even learning has become fun. And now there is engaging content for every age group on digital platforms. Take a look at the list here: Brainly – The platform is designed to help students by boosting inquisitiveness with a never-ending flow of questions and radical solutions. The Brainly community is not just to crack the most puzzling ... Read More »

Vital Elements to Build Your Brand Image

social media digital marketing

via Responses on Social Media Social media is one of the most important means of building your online brand image. There are many brands like Tesco, Sainsbury and Xbox who have upgraded their brand image with their unique way of responding. Good responses make your brand memorable, recallable and respectable. The more you react to your audience, the more likely ... Read More »

Go-to-market strategy or product development?

What is more important Product development is a very exciting, time consuming stage in any business.It sits at the very core of your business. Many books have been written about it and blogs abound with the five things to do to make a great product. Be customer-centric, use agile methodologies, hire the best people, do continuous user-testing, data-driven feature development. ... Read More »

U.S. Tipping System: Is it necessary?

Tourists who come to the US do not understand the system of tipping waitresses and waiters in restaurants. Since most of the waiters and waitresses are paid much lower than the minimum wage, tipping is a necessary custom. The tip given to them by the visitors aren’t just extra money, it’s a part of the salary they get. For people ... Read More »

The Pink Tax: Everything You Need To Know About It

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All the ladies! Hear me out. You won’t believe what cost it brings to you for being a female consumer. Even after all the gender equality strides that have been made, it is still tough to be a woman in 2019, especially when the govt. itself doesn’t recognize the alarm. Read on to know the horrifying reality woman have to ... Read More »

Normal USB Cable Vs OTG Cable: What is the difference

usb vs otg cable

In the modern era of computer and laptops USB is a very common term. USB or if we expand it “universal serial bus”, is a boon to the technological world, it helped to overcome the previous problem of connecting various devices with each other. But now even if we want to charge our phone or connect it with our laptop, ... Read More »

SDG Awareness Survey


On 25 September 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (UN, 2015). This new global framework to redirect humanity towards a sustainable path was developed following the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012, in a three year process involving UN Member States, national surveys engaging millions ... Read More »

Top countries in the “red zone” for debt default

External loan or debt is the total amount a country owes to a foreign creditor. Depending on the amount of external debt a country possesses, countries can be grouped into categories. Green for safe, yellow for caution and Red for grave risk are some of the categories. Red zone or Amber zone is the area where the fiscal space has ... Read More »

Measuring content marketing effectiveness

trend graph growth digital marketing

What makes any piece of marketing content successful, and how can you measure its success? Measuring your marketing content success isn’t a straightforward process. To evaluate your content reach and success, you have to define goals, set KPIs for those goals, and then measure and track your KPIs. Content marketing when done right is a highly effective and can be ... Read More »

The Prime Minister Office directs Finance Ministry

to take action against Kotak Mahindra Bank MD and CEO Uday Kotak complaints of conspiracy, fraud filed by Mumbai based businessman Bagla family The Prime Minister office has directed The Finance Ministry of India to look into a complaint of Dr. Santosh Kumar Bagla a business family from Mumbai against the Kotak Mahindra Bank MD and CEO Uday Kotak and ... Read More »

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